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How Can I Burn More Calories During Exercise?

Richmond Gym Personal trainer LOVE to post these types of info graphics! The “Do 1000 burpees to burn off 1 pizza” type of narrative is so prevalent in the personal training industry.

It is easy to look at an info graphic like this one and come to the conclusion:

Yes! I Am Going To Eat Whatever I Want Because I Can Simply Burn It Off Later!

Well, in my other article I talked about the fallacy of Calorie Counting and why it is full of errors and inaccuracies.

Well, so it should be to no one’s surprise that calculating how many calories you are burning off through exercise is just as problematic!

After running our Personal Training GA and group training programs in all three of our locations Gyms in Cumming GA, Surrey, and Langley, this fallacy has never been more apparent!

Those Fancy Wearable Calorie Tracking Devices?

They are on average OFF by between 9 to 30% in calculating your calories burned.

How Much Sleep Are You Getting?

Study has shown that sleep deprivation causes you to burn 5 – 20% LESS calories in a day.

What You Eat Matters

Your body burns more energy digesting protein (between 20 to 30% of the calorie content), compared to carbs (5 – 10%), or fats (0 – 3%)

Putting It All Together

Now we know there are so many other factors that can affect calorie burn that is why the standard formula simply doesn’t work on an individual basis.

That is why we have to learn to commit to consistent daily movement, and also learn to understand the ball-park portion sizes of each macronutrient that we are consuming daily.

Once we have established a routine, then we can start making small adjustments based on the results that we are seeing. It is the only way to be “scientific” with your approach.

After helping hundreds and hundreds of clients in all 3 of our locations (Richmond Gym, Cloverdale, and Walnut Grove), we have been able to put together a program that addresses 3 extremely simple things to ensure sustainable results:

  1. A Personal Training Cumming GA or group training program that is effective and efficient.

  2. Teaching our clients to understand how to measure out the correct portion sizes based on individual needs.

  3. Leveraging the support of the community and the coaches to stay consistent and committed.

Instead of blindly believing that you can simply burn off extra calories, you should be focusing on looking at the big picture!

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